Отель Аванта, г. Владивосток

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41, Gogolya st.
Hotel «Avanta» 84 rooms of different categories
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Apartments with one bedroom

Two-room apartments (52m) are presented by two rooms. A drawing room with completely completed kitchen, a dining table and a guest zone with a folding sofa and the LCD TV. A bedroom with a double bed (160х200). A bathroom with a big angular bathroom, a mirror, the automatic washing machine. Also in apartments there is a balcony with an excellent view of the city. Breakfast according to your desire for an additional fee (500 rubles) at restaurant of Avanta hotel. Cleaning of apartments and change of towels is carried out 1 time in 3 days, change of bed linen once a week. Cost is identical to one and two living. Each occasional seat is paid separately.
Filling of apartments:
- folding sofa
- complete kitchen
- the glass-ceramic furnace with an oven, the Microwave oven, the refrigerator, the electric kettle, a complete set of ware, the dishwasher
- lunch zone
- case/clothes
- a double bed (160х200) with an orthopedic mattress, a complete set of bedding
- angular bathtub, mirror, bathing towels, toilet accessories, hair dryer, automatic washing machine
 - ironing table, iron
 - wireless Internet

Cost is specified in rubles in 1 days

from 3 days

Non-Refundable Rate  from 3 - x days (100% the ADVANCE PAYMENT)

1 - 2 p.


Tariff without breakfast * 



* (A breakfast at will - a buffet 500r)

The cost of each occasional seat is 1000 rubles