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Clinic and diagnostic center “Lotus”

The medical center is unique for the Far East region. It is equipped according to the cutting edge techniques: the “Valenta” set that can examine cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems; a universal radio surgical device “Surgitron”, which allows to conduct gynecological surgical treatments without blood, pain and hard aftertroubles.

The main feature of the “Lotus” center is its attitude to patients. The basic principle of the medical center of VSUES is: if a patient came, he/she wouldn’t have to look for other clinics. You can find all necessary diagnostics, recommendations of doctors and treatment there.

The “Lotus” has specialists whose mission is to take care of people’s health. They are surgeons, gynecologists, dentists, therapeutics, and endocrinologists.

You can have any medical examination (for getting driver’s license, gun’s license). 

 The healthcare of patients is taken by the best doctors of the highest category.

  • Site: lotos-vl.ru
  • Primorskiy Region, Vladivostok, 41, Gogolya st.
  • Tel: +7 (423) 240-40-69, 240-41-63