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Recommendations on actions in the face of committing a terrorist attack


The goal of these recommendations is to help people to act in the right way in case of emergency, and also provide the conditions helping to solve crimes. Everyone should know how to behave in case of emergency and to be psychologically ready for self-defense.


Finding suspicious object which might be an explosive device

Accidents of finding suspicious objects which might turn out to be an explosive device are happening a lot recently. These items are found in transport, on staircase, near the doors of apartments, in public places.  How should we behave? What do we have to do in case of finding them?


If the found item should not be there, in your opinion, do not neglect this fact.


If you found the thing that had been left behind by somebody in public transport, ask the people near you. Try to figure out whose thing it is and who might have left it. If you failed to define the owner, immediately inform the driver about it.


If you found an unknown object in the entranceway of your house, ask the neighbors, perhaps it belonged to them. If the owner is not determined, immediately inform the nearest police department about your finding.


If you found an unknown object in the facility, immediately inform administration or security about your finding.


In all the cases mentioned above:

·        Do not touch, move or open the thing that you found;

·        Remember the time when you found it;

·        Try to do your best so that the people would go away from the object as far as possible;

·        You must wait for the operational investigative group to arrive (as you are a very important witness).

Remember: outside appearance may hide its real purpose. In the function of camouflage for explosive devices common household stuffs are used such as bags, packages, boxes, toys, etc.


Parents! You are responsible for life and health of your children. Explain your children that any object found in the street or in the hallway might be dangerous.


Do not do anything to the findings or suspicious objects which might be explosive devices, because it might cause their explosion, numerous victims and destructions.



There might be an announcement about evacuation not only in case of finding an explosive device or mitigation of consequences of a terror attack, but also in case of fire, natural disaster, etc.


After receiving an announcement about evacuation from the authorities stay calm and follow their instructions.


If you are in the apartment, make the following actions:

·        Take all your documents, the money, properties;

·        Turn off the electricity, water supply and the gas;

·        Help elderly people and sick people to evacuate;

·        Lock the door so this can protect your apartment from possible breaking in.

Do not panic, go into hysterics or hurry. Leave the building in an orderly way. Go back to the left building only after the authorities’ permission.


Remember that the life and health of many people will depend on concurrence of your actions.


·        Avoid scores of people.

·        Do not join the crowd despite your will to watch happening events.

·        If you are in the crowd, let it bear you, but try to get out of it.

·        Take a deep breath and set aside bent in the elbows arms so that your chest would not be strangled.

·        Try to get away from tall and big people, people with large bags.

·        Try to stand on your feet by all means.

·        Do not have your hands in the pockets.

·        When moving, raise your legs as high as possible, put the leg on the whole footstep, do not mince, and do not walk on tiptoe.

·        If the crowd jam becomes too threatening, do not hesitate, immediately get rid of any weight, especially bags with long strap and scarf.

·        If you dropped something, do not bend to pick it up.

·        If you fell, try to get on your feet as fast as possible. And while doing it do not lean on your arms (people would stand on them or break). Try to get on your tiptoes. After finding something to lean on, “resurface” by drafting off the ground.

·        If you cannot get on your feet, roll yourself up into a ball, protect your head with the arms and cover the back of your head with the hands.

·        Having got in the room full of people, define potentially dangerous places in emergency situation (aisles between the sectors on the stadium, glass doors and divisions in concert halls, etc.), pay attention to the fire escape, make the way to them in your mind.

·        It is easier to hide from the crowd in the corners of a room or near the walls, but it is harder to get to the exit from these places.

·        If having a panic attack, try to stay calm and appraise the situation in cold blood.

·        Do not join the protesters just for fun. Firstly, found out if the protest is approved, and what the protesters are fighting for.

·        Do not get involved in unregistered organizations. Participating in the events of such organizations can lead to criminal sanction.

·        During riotous disturbances do not get in the crowd of either the protesters or the viewers. You can get in the way of actions of Special Forces unit.



Any person can be taken hostage. And criminals might want to achieve political goals, or to get ransom, etc. In all of these cases your life becomes an object for bargaining.

Attack might happen in the transport, in different facilities, in the street, in the apartment.

If you happen to be taken hostage, we recommend you to stick to the following rules:

·        Unexpected move or noise may cause fierce reaction from the terrorists. Do not do anything that can provoke the terrorists to use weapons and lead to human losses;

·        Be ready for the blindfolds, gags, handcuffs or ropes;

·        Bear deprivation, insults and humiliation, do not look the criminals in the eyes (for a nervous person this might a sign for aggression), do not brave it out;

·        Do not try to stand against the criminals, do not brave out by trying to disarm the bandits or to break through to the exit or window;

·        If you are made to leave the building  saying that you were taken hostage, do not resist;

·        If there are children beside you, find a safe place for them, and be with them if possible;

·        Do everything what the criminals tell you, do not conflict with them, do not risk your life and lives of those close to you, do not panic;

·        When medical assistance is required, speak calm and briefly, do not make the bandits nervous, and do not do anything until you get a permission to do it.


Be attentive; try to memorize the criminals’ features, names, clothes, scars, tattoos, speech habits, behavior, the themes of talks, etc.  

Having received the message about you being taken hostage, Special Forces units already began their actions and would do everything to save you.

During the hostage-rescue mission observe the following rules:

·        Lie on the floor face down, covering the head with your hands and do not move;

·        Do not run towards the Special Forces units or from them, because they might consider you to be a criminal;

·        Stay away from the windows and doors if possible;


If you have been taken hostage, remember that your own behavior might affect the attitude towards you.

·        Stay calm, define what is going on;

·        Decision to resist or not to resist must be balanced and depend on the danger of superior forces of the terrorists;

·        Do not resist as it might cause bigger violence.

·        Be on the alert. Focus on sounds, moves, etc.

·        Be ready for Spartan conditions – bad food and living conditions, inconvenient toilet;

·        Observe the rules of personal hygiene if possible;

·        If you have any health issues, make sure you have all the necessary meds. Tell the guards about your health problems, ask for medical assistance or the meds;

·        If you are asked to explain having some documents, telephone numbers, etc., do it;

·        Do not let your conscience go weak. Train your memory all the time, remember historical dates and events, surnames of people you know, telephone numbers, etc. Work out if possible;

·        Ask the guards if you could read, write, use the means of personal hygiene, etc.

·        If you have been given an opportunity to speak to your relatives on the phone, pull yourself together, do not cry or shout, speak briefly. Try to make contact with the guards, explain that you are a human being too. Show them the pictures of your family. Do not try to deceive them.

·        If the guards do not want to talk to you, talk to yourself, tell poems or sing songs;

·        Count the days by drawing the lines on the walls or with the help of stones;

·        If you have been trapped in some room, try to attract somebody’s attention. Break the glass and call for help. If you have matches, set some paper on fire and take it closer to the fire detector;

·        Do not lose hope. Remember that the more time has gone the more chances you have.



Take a seat near the window in the end of a plane. Stay close to the exit.

Examine the passengers, pay attention to their behavior.

Discuss with your family the actions if the plane is attacked.

Do not go to trading spots that are out of the security zone of the airport.

Tell the airplane’s crew about the left luggage or suspicious actions.

If the airport has been attacked:

·        Use any available shelter;

·        Do not run, fall on the ground;

·        Cover your head with the hands and turn away from the attack;

·        Do not help the security forces if you are not sure in efficiency of these actions.



Imagine all the possible ways of the attack and your behavior. Do not panic, stay in your seat. Do not argue with the terrorists; do not provoke them to use the weapon. Do not try to neutralize the terrorists yourself, keep your neighbors from doing it. Accept all the insults and humiliation that you might suffer from.

Avoid doing things that can attract attention to you. If there are crying children or moaning sick people, do not complain. Any fireworks of negative emotions might make the situation worse.

Do not drink alcohol.

No matter what happens, do not try to defend the crew. Your interference might make everything worse.

Do not be skeptical about the pilots’ actions. The crew is always right. Any order of the cabin crew member is like a law for a passenger. Do not believe the terrorists. They can tell you anything, but will always pursue their own interests.

Think not only about yourself but other passengers as well.

If you have seen some crew member leaving the plane, do not attract other passengers’ attention to it. The actions of the crew might be noticed by the terrorists.

Be ready for the operation on the release of the plane if you feel that negotiations are coming to dead end. Try to take such a pose so that the terrorists could not grab you and use as a human shield. Lie down or hide behind the seat covering your head with your hands and stay there until you are told to get out.

Notice: Security Forces might consider anyone in motion to be the terrorists.

Leave the plane as soon as you can. Do not stop to find your things.

You will probably have to answer the questions of the investigator, so try to remember all the details of what happened. This will help the whole investigation process and save your time.


Always control the situation around you especially if you are in the transport, shopping malls, sportsgrounds or entertainment center.

If you find lost things, do not touch them; tell about it to the driver, the security, and the police. Do not try to have a look into the suspicious package, box or other object.

Do not take abandoned things no matter how good they look. Explosive devices might be hidden inside them (in cell phones, etc.). Do not kick the objects on the ground.

If Special Forces raid has begun do not be curious, go in the other direction, but do not run so that you were not mistaken for a criminal.

In case of explosion or shooting fall on the ground under the cover if possible (border stone, car, kiosk, etc.). Cover your head with the hands for more safety.

If you by chance find out about forthcoming terrorist attack, immediately tell the police.

If you know something about the committed crime or a crime to be committed, please inform Federal Security Service or Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Source: official website of Federal Security Service of Russian Federation