We do our best to make your stay at our hotel a pleasant experience.

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AVANTA hotel - it is not just comfortable rooms, it is also quality services provided for all guests of our hotel complex.

You can relax in the sauna or swimming pool in the Champion sports centre, have access to the laundry services and secure 24/7 parking.  Doctors of the highest qualification are always ready to render quality medical services at the Lotos medical centre.

Relax, work, travel and let our hotel staff do the rest.

8 (423) 221 21 21

For additional assistance and guidance, please consult with our representative


The hotel's minimarket offers everything needed for a comfortable stay. 


Laundry services include washing, drying and ironing of clothes and linen. 

Laundry price-list

Safety deposit

Each hotel room is provided with the safety deposit boxes.

Ironing room

Ironing rooms are located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of the hotel.

Car rental

Car rental service in AVANTA hotel offers you: 

- Save your time for a car rental company search 

- comfortably travel through the cit

We are glad to make your stay more enjoyable.

Laptop rental

A new service: a laptop for rent in your room 

Rental cost:

·  1 hour    -  100 ₽

·  1 day  -  500 ₽

At your request the hotel will provide you with a coffee table for your maximum comfort

Golubinaya pad shopping centre‎ 

Open every day from 10:00 to 20:00 and includes:

  • Minimarket
  • KFC restaurant
  • Melange coffee shop 
  • Beauty salon 
  • Copy centre
  • Gift shop
  • Tourist shop
  • Allex Tour travel agency 
  • Retail and repair electronics shop

Lotos medical centre

Here you would receive all necessary medical help, diagnostics, recommendations and medical treatment course. 

Medical centre website: lotosvl.ru

Telephone: +7 (423) 240-40-69

Champion sports centre

Includes the swimming pool, sauna, yoga, fitness club and sport grounds. Champion sports centre is located 20 m. within the hotel, opposite the main entrance. 

Our hotel guests can use the following payment system:

  • individual visit (swimming pool, gym) - 500 ₽;   
  • private coaching lessons (upon your choice) - 800 ₽. 

Sports centre website: champion-vl.ru

Telephone : +7 (423) 240-40-22

You can request for any service or consult by telephone: 

8 (423) 221 21 21


41, Gogolya str, Vladivostok, Primorsky region, Russia

8 (423) 221 21 21

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fo@hotel-avanta.ru (contracts/major requisitions)

Restaurant / conference room

9th floor, 41, Gogolya str, Vladivostok, Primorsky region, Russia

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